Finally, here are never before revealed hypnotic secrets of professional speaking, delivering INSTANT FAME and OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE 
“How to unleash the POWER of HYPNOTIC SPEAKING to command a crowd’s ATTENTION, holding them SPELLBOUND... ...compelling them to BUY WHAT YOU’RE SELLING!"
  • Simple techniques to infuse hypnotic power into every talk so you WOW the crowd every time you speak! 
  • Stealth hypnotic persuasion skills to sell like crazy even if you've never sold a thing before!
  • Unlock opportunities for advancement and promotion in your career to create the life of your dreams…
  • Command "Rock Star" confidence to work a crowd like a pro to leave them hanging on your every word…
  • Be the memorable speaker they invite BACK…book up your schedule in advance!
  • ​Plus, my stealth technique for hypnotically promoting products from the stage that completely flies under the radar. 
"There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus and upset the convictions and debauch the emotions of an audience not practiced in the tricks and delusions of oratory."
 --- Mark Twain
Picture your future when you're able to effortlessly command the attention and respect of a room - speaking to a group with absolute confidence and ease!

What's the hypnotic secret to delivering electrifying speeches and riveting presentations?

Speakers entertain, inform and influence – to be effective your message must be hypnotic!  Whether you're sounding the key note for a Fortune 500 – your local Rotary, Chamber of Commerce or networking event – you want your audience captivated, hanging on your every word...

What are the keys to hypnotic speaking?

How will you capture and hold a savvy, enlightened crowd...ultimately persuading them to buy your product, service or idea? Many of these secrets of Hypnotic Speaking I've shared with NO ONE – until NOW!

Your future looks brighter doesn't it?

The ability to speak hypnotically is one of the highest valued business skills. It can earn you a fortune, turn you into an instant celebrity and place you into a position of power and influence.
OK, I'm ready to discover for myself the most powerful techniques of Hypnotic Speaking that will allow me to hold an audience spellbound at my will. 
This product is digital.  The image above is for visualization only.

Give me one-hour, and I'll give you the very same hypnotic speaking techniques I use to engage an audience – every time I speak!

To see that you get these powerful moneymaking benefits of hypnotic speaking, I sat down with media and presentations specialist, Victoria Belue-Schaefer for an eye-opening and revealing question and answer session.

Together we brought to light NEVER BEFORE REVEALED secrets of hypnotic speaking and how to captivate an audience – delivering your most powerful and persuasive messages!

When I watched the playback I couldn't believe what I shared!

Victoria's engaging smile, insightful questions and easy manner kept me talking and sharing and spilling my closest held "personal" secrets for a solid hour – PACKED to overflowing – I didn't want to stop!
HERE'S A PEEK into what was revealed during The Hypnotic Speaking Interview:
  • How to use the magic of hypnotic speaking to captivate an audience – holding them spellbound – hanging on every word.
  • How are hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotic speaking alike – and how do they help us communicate with and persuade the hidden drivers of our life?
  • How this gutsy 60-secret technique captures attention. WARNING: Not for the squeamish!
  • Capturing attention is important – but what do you do if you lose an audience momentarily? How to get your listeners BACK ON TRACK – FAST!
  • What's the power of a self-trance, including the secret of self-talk, giving you rock-star confidence to deliver your message to a starving crowd?
  • What's the ultimate secret behind buying trances – and how can we use them in our hypnotic speaking? This is the secret sauce... Don't overlook this - incredibly powerful!
  • Plus, my stealth technique for hypnotically promoting products from the speaking floor that completely flies under the radar. You can do this, even if the rules don't allow you to sell from the platform!
  • What was Mark Twain's secret prop – hypnotically communicating that what he was about to say was of the utmost importance? 
  • What are four simple techniques for capturing your audience's attention – INSTANTLY – including the ONLY kind of question you should ever ask? Works on any audience!
  • How to use this simple copywriter's trick to bribe your audience to pay attention to your every word.
  • This simple sentence from my copywriting days will instantly refocus your audience, have you regain their attention, and concentrate all eyes (and ears) on YOU!
  • ​What are the two kinds of waking states in hypnosis – and how are they important to keeping an audience's attention? I've often referred to this as "The Buyer's Trance".
  • ​We're under a steady barrage of marketing messages everyday – so why do so FEW of them ever get through – what's MISSING that you can turn to your advantage and GET HEARD?
  • ​Finally, I show you how to create and maximize the power of a hypnotic environment to vanquish distraction and deliver your transformative message with impact!
I am going to take ALL the risk, so you don't have to. If at any time within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the "New Awakening" in ANY way, I'll force you to take your money back. I am so confident in this program that I back you with my personal unconditional "Iron Clad" no questions asked money back guarantee. 

All we ask is that you go through the training and put the principals into practice!
Who is Dr. Joe Vitale?
Dr. Joe Vitale is a world renowned Personal Development expert and star of the blockbuster hit movie on the Law of Attraction, The Secret. Author over over 75 books on a wide range of development topics, he's helped thousands at his live events and millions through the internet, his books and educational programs. Dr. Vitale has developed The New Awakening with love and all of the skills and knowledge he's gained in over 35 years of helping people create the lives they desire and deserve.

Frequently asked questions
Is it really possible to reprogram your brain in this way?
Yes, think about it like this... Do you believe that going to the gym and workout will help you physically? Of course you do. You can take a conscious effort to change something you can't see...your heart for example. Working on your mindset is no different. Your mind can be changed just like your body...yes, it works!
Will this really help me with my specific problems?
Yes, in over 35 years of helping people create the lives of their dreams, Dr. Vitale has distilled what works to get people from breakdown to breakthrough. He knows that when you fix the core issues, all of the symptoms seem to just disappear. It's like universe mopping up for you. It even clears up issues you're not aware of.
I don't want to be a victim any more... Can I really break through from Victimhood?
Yes, We are all victims in the sense that we are all affected by the programming we are exposed to through family, friends, co-workers, school mates, and society in general. The New Awakening gives you tools and actionable processes to help create an exit ramp to get you out of victimhood and firewall to protect you.
Can I REALLY have my NEW awakening? 
Yes, As Dr. Joe says in The New Awakening, your Awakening is a gift from the Divine. It comes in stages. Dr. Joe guides you through these stages in preparation for you to receive your gift of awakening. He clears away all that is in the way of you allowing this gift from the Divine to be bestowed upon you.
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