WARNING: Reading this page may  hypnotize you into making more sales!

"I Dare You To Use These Hypnotic Selling Secrets And NOT Dramatically Increase Your Traffic, Your Sales,  Your Conversions, And Your Business -- 100% GUARANTEED!"
Wouldn't IT be amazing,
to sit down at your computer and have amazing copy pour out of you EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY?
Imagine...being able to look at your sales letter, website or email and instantly spot ways to dramatically improve them. Just like I was perched over your shoulder, whispering in your ear and pointing these changes out to you...now you can.

Get instant, on-demand access to this recorded weekend seminar dedicated to my Hypnotic Secrets of Selling. 

Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Dr. Joe Vitale
Austin, TX
If you want to wake up tomorrow and know exactly how to and then start getting astonishing, immediate results from small (even teeny) amounts of traffic and subscribers... or massive results from large amounts of traffic and subscribers -- then shut down your email, lock the door, unplug the phone and devour this letter.

You are in for the richest "ride of your life" as these Hypnotic Secrets begin to transform you overnight into the marketing superstar you deserve to be.

What you are about to discover is the most profitable skill you could ever have. No matter what happens to you in life or business, once you have this skill you will always be able to wield its amazing power to your benefit.

It will permanently transport you to the top of the economic food chain no matter what happens to the economy or the events around you. Finally, you will firmly be in control of your financial destiny.
Let me ask you 3 intriguing questions....
This product is digital.  The image above is for visualization only.

How can small changes...

...in your sales letters, emails and webpages put your visitors and readers into hypnotic trances so they whip out their credit cards and buy like piranhas on a feeding frenzy?

How can these hypnotic trances... 

allow them to put their "iron wall sales guard" down and actually read what you are saying?

How can you then use this moment...

...to make more people buy your product, sign up to your newsletter and click through in your emails -- in essence get more people to take action now?
Listen, just imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and magically made it happen. All of sudden you now know exactly how to create hypnotic trances that get more people to take immediate action at your sales letter, in your emails and at your websites.

What would doubling the number of your sales mean to you? If with the exact same effort you went from just 1 sale a day to 2 or more sales a day, how much more would you make this month, this year?

Or how about tripling the number of people who sign up for your newsletter every single day. How big would your list be right now if you had three times the number of subscribers? And how much more would you make if each email you sent out went to triple the number of people it currently does.

Or being able to effortlessly write an email in less than 30 minutes that makes you $5,793. How long does it take you right now to write an email and how much does it make you? Instead you write them faster, measured in minutes instead of hours or days, and your readers are so mesmerized by your writing they will stop everything to read your email the minute it appears.

Unless you are philosophically opposed to being dramatically more successful in your business, then you would be hysterically ecstatic to wake up and know exactly how to create these hypnotic trances. So you WANT this to happen to you today.

And because of the dramatic increase in your income, you would be making much more money with your business. So if you are making more money then the cost is not a question.

So The Real Question Is...


Can you learn how to make these small hypnotic changes in just one lazy afternoon (or night) and see immediate results?
That is what you want, correct.

To sit down for a few hours tomorrow and have these Hypnotic Selling Secrets "magically" transferred from my brain to yours.

Then be able to make small changes and immediately see (vast) improvements with your website, your sales, your advertising, your opt-in subscriptions, your emails -- in everything you are doing online.

If I Showed You Other People,  Just Like You, Who Are Doing Exactly What You Want...Would You At Least Believe It Is Possible For You?

Years ago I held a closed door retreat. Ten people paid $5,000 each to attend. They listened and watched as I revealed everything I know about Hypnotic Selling and Writing and have used over the past 30 years. It was my life's work condensed into one powerful weekend.

The $5,000 weekend caused a transformation in the 10 lucky people who attended it. As you can see from their testimonials spread throughout this letter, they can now see (and repair) problems in their sites and letters, and they are now able to (easily) write sites, sales letters, ads and email that get results -- sometimes astonishing results.

How is that possible?

How can you learn Hypnotic Selling in 2 days?

How can so-so writers become Hypnotic Writers in just 1 weekend?

I've been teaching and speaking for over 30 years. Over the last few decades I perfected an accelerated learning approach to education. That's what I did with these people. I used "Super Learning" on them.

I spent the weekend taking people by the hand and carefully, slowly, logically, walking them through the exact mental process I go through to write letters, ads, emails, sites, and so forth.

I Revealed The Secret Selling And Persuasion Methods I Constantly Use -- I Disclosed  How The Marketing Side Of My Mind Works.

In short, I opened a window into my brain.

I took my selling method apart, right before their eyes, and taught them how to do what I do. I used hypnotic stories, engaging questions, comic book ads, web site examples, email samples, and much more, as ways to retrain their brains. The whole process was fun, simple, and effective.
But I have to confess something.

I wasn't sure I could teach people how to become Hypnotic Sellers and Hypnotic Writers in one weekend. After all, I had never taught my private methods to anyone, ever before. But the truth is, that's exactly what happened.

Because of the accelerated learning methods I used, because of the methodical way I taught the system, and because of my three terrific guest speakers, the whole Hypnotic Selling Secrets formula was revealed -- in less than 48 hours.

I also admit that I never planned to record the weekend intensive. That was a mistake on my part. Thank goodness my friends  told me, "Record the event! You have to! This is history!"

Well, I did have the entire event professionally recorded and now we can digitally deliver them via a members website.

As a result, this incredible, historic, mind blowing and profit-producing weekend is now available for you -- but only here.

In fact, you can have a better deal today than the 10 people who attended the live $5,000 training...

Now Is Your Chance To "Pick My Brain"  Whenever You Want And Learn 
Everything I Know About Hypnotic Selling  Without Paying The Full $5,000 Fee.

After seeing the reaction from and the results the 10 attendees at the $5,000 retreat received after returning home and using what they learned. I knew this information was something special, something I just couldn't horde for myself and these ten people.

So like I mentioned earlier I got the manual into the hands of 50 people of all levels of experience - from beginner to expert.

It was like the universe was giving me a sign, pounding on my head to get this information into people's hands. Within days, even hours, these 50 people were seeing dramatic results with their business. Double the sales, triple in profits, best sales ever -- they too "had my brain."
So I went to work. I knew if I was going to release this information to you it had to be the best of the best, truly ALL the secrets I've used for myself and my clients to make millions. But that's not all. It also had to be the fastest, easiest way to give you instant results, instant sales, instant breakthroughs for you.
If I had children this is what I would give them to learn everything I know about, not only Hypnotic Selling with the written word, but marketing and business success as a whole.

This is truly my life's work that I am passing onto you. Over 30 years of blood, sweat and tears condensed down into the most powerful course ever created on the awesome power of using Hypnotic Selling to legally and ethically get people to take action now.

And it works in any industry, online or offline.

And it can be yours today....You don't have to fly on a plane and stay in a hotel room to get it like the 10 people who attended my seminar had to do. You can sit in the comfort of your home, learning and applying this information as quickly or as consistently as you choose.

Hypnotic Selling Secrets™ - "How To Legally And Ethically Turn All Of Your Sales Copy Into An Irresistible Hypnotic Cash Register!"

Hypnotic Selling Secrets™ has three very unique components, each designed to dramatically improve your ability to write amazing sales copy that gets you results. They allow you to really "inherit my brain" by focusing on 3 critical areas.

As a certified hypnotist I can teach you how to do this extremely fast and make it very easy for you -- so these Hypnotic Secrets firmly lodge into your subconscious mind almost effortlessly on your part.


First is producing immediate results -- within a single afternoon or night of receiving the course. If you can increase your sales, optins or click through conversion by implementing just one or two things you learn the first day, the course has paid for itself within hours. If you just put this information to use the course becomes virtually risk free for you.


Second, the tools to become a master at creating irresistible hypnotic sales copy. Yes, the immediate improvements and results are great and makes this course virtually risk free for you if you just use it. This second component takes it a step further, empowering you to become a master in the art of hypnotic writing. It gives you the exact same swipe files, templates, memory joggers, tips, hints and secrets I personally refer to on a daily basis.


Third, the tools to sink this information deep into your subconscious mind. Once that happens you will no longer have to "think" how to create hypnotic materials - it will just effortlessly flow out of you. Like riding a bike, tying your shoes or breathing. You don't have to think how to do any of them because they are permanently embedded into your sub-conscious mind.
And most important, I carefully chose everything I put into this course. Every single piece, as you will see below, is in here for a very specific reason. And I show you when to use each piece so you know exactly how to put this powerful information to use. I have eliminated all of the guess work so you can just focus on getting more and better results.

Hypnotic Selling Secrets™ - What is Included?

This is the complete video set (over 15 hours) AND the Hypnotic Selling Mastery manual from my $5,000 per person sold out Hypnotic Selling Mastery Workshop. 

This gives you step-by-step instruction, examples, case studies and exact detail on becoming a master at using Hypnotic Selling with your words.

People who view these videos or read this manual are practically transformed into experts in the art of "Small Changes = Big Results." This is almost as good as being at the live event (only at a small fraction of the cost for you). And as close as you can be to waking up with my brain tomorrow morning.



Total Value: $4999

This truly is like having my Marketing Mind available for download into your own...Like I said above, this is really is everything I know about marketing and copywriting recorded just for you. 

Not only that...I've created and included the never before released manual that the attendees of this $5,000 weekend seminar used as their workbook.

Here's what you'll get just in the main course package...wait till you see the bonuses... 
  • 132 page printed manual from the Hypnotic Selling Secrets Workshop
  •  Complete video recordings  of the Hypnotic Selling Secrets Workshop
  • That's over 15 hours of live training with Dr. Joe Vitale
  • ​Complete transcripts of the entire weekend. You won't miss a single word.
  • ​The video recording of my keynote presentation at the $2,000 per person Spiritual Summit and complete transcripts. I present a 3-step marketing formula I have used over and over again personally and for clients to produce amazing results.
  • ​The video of my presentation at the $1,500 per person Big Seminar.
  • ​The video of my classic "How to Create Advertising That Sells" training which has sold separately for $97.
If you desire to be ahead of 99.9% of marketers and business owners, this finally reveals how.

Get This Gold Standard Advantage When You Order Your Copy Of Hypnotic Selling Secrets Today! 

Here's Just A Small Sample Of What  You'll Discover In The HSS Manual And The 15 hours of Videos...

Discover the Hypnotic Selling Secrets from the inventor of Hypnotic Writing...Dr. Joe Vitale.

  • How you can seduce the mind of your buyer with just words.
  • What did the greatest copywriter of all time know about the human mind?
  • What is Hypnotic Writing, anyway?
  • The great "intimacy secret" that will increase your sales.
  • ​What is the 3-legged formula for marketing success?
  • ​Where did Joe Vitale learn Hypnotic Writing?
  • The 5 Secret Laws of Hypnotic Persuasion.
  • What's hypnosis have to do with writing copy?
  • What can you learn from an advertising alarmist?
  • The two best ways to motivate people?
  • How people really think -- and how you you make them think of buying your product.
  • How do you create Hypnotic Stories?

What takes place in conversations in your customer's mind that can help your website sales? How do you use it to make more money right now?

  • How can a "reminder" help or hurt your sales?
  • Easy ways to change average writing into hypnotic writing 30 proven ways to write a hypnotic headline.
  • Why does Joe ask you to choose the impossible?
  • The 3 never-before-revealed hypnotic writing secrets Dr. Vitale has kept under safe lock and key his entire life.
  • The new 17-point copy checklist Joe has never revealed to writing hypnotic copy again and again.
  • The 7 most hypnotic books of all time.
  • Joe's secret formula for writing copy that makes sales.
  • How you can change someone's perception of you, your product, or even your price so they enthusiastically want to buy from you (it's not as difficult as you would think.)
  • Discover powerful lessons-learned from old comic books?
  • Where Dr. Joe really discovered Hypnotic Writing (No, it's not what you are probably thinking right now.)
  • Joe's million-dollar secret for writing intriguing bullet points (yes, just like these.)
  • The preferred 3-step power persuasion formula.
Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things  You'll Discover In These Swipe Files And Implementation Guides...

So...How is this like having the marketing mind of Dr. Joe Vitale installed into your brain?

  • Learn the top hypnotic secrets that master hypnotists have been jealously guarding -- which empower you to get all the orders you desire from your customers.
  • How to easily lead your prospect into a hypnotic state, and program him to be receptive to your offer -- without his realizing you're doing it.
  • How to skillfully enter the hypnotic threshold of your prospects' minds so that they will accept, act upon, and obey your commands.
  • The top 3 things you must do to satisfy a primal need that lies deep within your prospects and make them want to buy whatever you're selling.
  • ​How to secretly penetrate your prospect's subconscious mind and fill it with your powerful hypnotic suggestions.
  • How to instill in your prospects a visceral need they can feel at the gut level -- and create a desire for a resolution that only your product or service can satisfy.
  • Learn the greatest hypnotic secret ever revealed -- this is an advertising "formula" that is absolutely indispensable as you embark on your hypnotic marketing expedition
  • How to dazzle people with hypnotic sales letters that make them follow your commands.
  • How to use outrageous creativity as a hypnotic mechanism to pull in more sales.
  • Learn the ultimate secret to controlling the public mind -- this is a diabolical principle of hidden selling that creates cash automatically outside of human perception.
  • Hidden commands you can use to make people do your bidding ...8 hypnotic devices you can use immediately to get a guaranteed "yes" to your offer.
  • How to melt the resistance of even the most stubborn, skeptical prospect. [This slick hypnotic technique moves mountains.]
  • How to install a post-hypnotic suggestion in your readers' brains so that if they can't buy right now, they will be hypnotically compelled to buy later.

...and if that weren't enough of a value already...here's some more.

  • How to write intriguing headlines that cast a spell on your reader ...What to write in your website that makes people want to visit it, talk about it, and then, in the end, buy whatever you are selling.
  • Learn how to saturate your writing with intense, emotion-provoking language that sells every time.
  • Learn the exact words you can use in a sales letter that will make your customers whip out their wallets and buy from you.
  • How to write tantalizing copy that makes your reader's mouth water with anticipation.
  • Learn the psychological tricks that make your sales letters impossible to ignore.
  • ​Discover little-known hypnotic language patterns that literally dissolve your prospect's objections.
  • Get the Top-Secret Checklist -- Joe Vitale uses this to pre-test the hypnotic quotient of his letters -- pure gold!
  • How to write a hypnotic headline -- in under 15 seconds.
  • How to craft embedded commands in your writing that make people feel compelled to act now.
  • How to create mesmerizing stories and scenarios that grab the attention of your reader, and hold them captive all the way to the order page.
  • Discover the little-known loophole in the public's mind that allows you to easily engage your prospects hypnotically.
  • How to drop hypnotic cues in your prospects' subconscious that create an instinctive desire for your product or service.
  • ​What hypnotic strategies work online, but not offline -- and vice versa.

WHEW! That's just the what you get in the HYPNOTIC SELLING SECRETS Course...Over $5000 Worth! NOW, Here come the BONUSES!

Get These FREE Bonuses!



Total Value: $499

On top of all the lessons and information in the Hypnotic Selling Secrets Seminar you'll get all the additional information that is not in the manual. Everything to need to complete your Hypnotic Marketing Education...

This is like the icing on the cake!
  • Hypnotic Writing ($37 value)
  • Advanced Hypnotic Writing ($67 value)
  • Hypnotic Marketing ($67 value) (not included in manuals)
  • ​Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File ($197 value)
  • ​How to Write Hypnotic Emails ($47 value)
  • ​How to Write Hypnotic Joint Venture Proposals ($47 value)
  • ​The 10 Most Unusual Marketing Secrets ($47 value)
  • ​The 3 Minute Money Secret ($47 value)
If you desire both wealth and spirituality, this finally reveals how.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Hypnotic Selling Secrets Today! 

Get These FREE Bonuses!



Total Value: $499

You'll get the entire Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 course! This is the perfect compliment to the Hypnotic Selling Secrets Copywriting and Marketing Course. This is the foundation and fundamentals of everything I've used to build the Hypnotic Marketing Empire I'm known for. 
  • "The Entire Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 Course"  ($147 value)
  • "Hypnotic Marketing Quick Start Guide ($47 value)
  • ​"Hypnotic Marketing Formula"  (2 Audio Interviews) ($97 value)
  • Emotional Selling Tools ($97 value)
  • ​How to Write  Hypnotic Endorsements ($47 value) 
  • Impulse Marketing ($47 value)
  • ​Hypnotic Emails ($47 value)
  • ​Hypnotic Language tips ($47 value)
  • ​Special Report: Subconscious Internet Marketing ($47 value)
  • ​...and a whole lot more.
This set of bonuses will tie your education together and super-charge your marketing skills.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Hypnotic Selling Secrets Today! 

Get These FREE Bonuses!



Total Value: $499

This incredible bonus reveals the inner working of some of the greatest marketing minds in history. This set of audios alone is worth buying this entire package. These are the Titans of Internet Marketing and I can promise you you're going to want to learn from these masters.
  • Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Jay Levinson, Dr. Vitale SuperConference Part 1
  • Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Jay Levinson, Dr. Vitale SuperConference Part 2
  • Writing Hypnotic Copy with Dr. Vitale and Dan Lok
  • ​The Famous Mark Joyner Interview with Dr. Vitale
  • "Ultimate Guide to Selling Professional Services" with Dr. Vitale and Bob Serling
  • ​Hypnotic Copywriting Secrets Tele-Class with Joel Christopher and Dr. Vitale
  • ​"Hypnotic Copywriting Strategies" with Yanik Silver and Dr. Vitale
  • ​Dr. Vitale Interviews Dan Kennedy on "Explosive Marketing Strategies"
If you desire to know how real marketing minds work, this set of interviews and discussions finally reveals how.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Hypnotic Selling Secrets Today! 

Get These FREE Bonuses!


"How to become an Awakened millionaire starting now"

Total Value: $499

One of the things I depend upon and continue to build is my library of knowledge. As I put this class together I wanted to include the classic literature that I thought would dovetail perfectly with your education.

Here it is...a specially curated library of marketing knowledge I've put together just for you.
  • Emotional Selling Tools eBook
  • How to Turn Testimonials into Traffic eBook
  • Greatest Money Making Secret eBook
  • ​Subconscious Internet Marketing eBook
  • Think & Grow Rich Workbook
  • ​Zen and the Art of Writing -- an Out-Of-Print Classic
  • Unspoken Marketing Secrets eBook
  • Effortless E-books
  • ​Bruce Barton Report
  • ​Special Report: Power Ads
  • ​How to Make Money Teaching Your Own E-class
  • ​Advanced Spiritual Marketing eBook
Even if you wanted to find some of these titles it would be difficult and time consuming...Think of how much time and effort I'm saving you by delivering instant access to these works right to you.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Hypnotic Selling Secrets Today! 

This Sounds Amazing, Is This For Real?

Absolutely it is...Let me quickly recap for you everything you are receiving.


First, the complete video recording set (over 15 hours) of the $5,000 per person Hypnotic Selling Secrets Workshop. In addition you will receive a PDF copy of the manual each attendee received.
The same manual that is producing amazing results for people in a weekend or less. And don't forget I also included my 3-Step Hypnotic Marketing Strategy presentation at the $2,000 per person Spiritual Marketing Summit.


Second, my personal Hypnotic Swipe Files and Implementation guides that I personally use every single week. This also includes many of my most popular and helpful ebooks that have sold in the 10's of 1,000's. In total, if you tried to buy all of these separately it would cost you $1035.


Third, you are receiving the complete Hypnotic Life-Long Learning Library. These are audios, videos, books, transcripts and manuals I carefully selected for you. Each one will give you a new angle or twist on the Hypnotic Selling principles.
Imagine finding just one good idea in each item that improves the bottom line of your business. And solidly anchoring the Hypnotic Selling principles in your sub conscious mind so they become almost second nature to you.
If you were to try and buy these separately you would spend at a minimum $3,199 to acquire all of these classics.


Fourth...pause for a moment...and imagine what it would be like to have the ability to make small hypnotic changes right now today and start seeing better (many times dramatically better) results this very same day. You could recoup your investment in this course with the added profits you can start generating immediately.
In total, that is $11,234 in real value you are receiving in the Hypnotic Selling Secrets package.

Guess What This Is Being Sold For?

Just $1,497...$397. Yes, I know that is less than one-tenth of the price the people paid to attend the live event. And yes, I know that we more than doubled the value of the package with everything we added in there. And yes, we could probably make ten times as much by pricing it at $3,997.

But frankly I don't care. I wanted to make this thing as affordable as possible for you. So you can put this information to use and start seeing results this week.

That is $3199 worth of eBooks, transcripts, e-courses, audios and videos -- all designed to anchor the Hypnotic Selling principles firmly in your subconscious mind.

See What our students are saying...
Hypnotic Selling Secrets Will Help You Unleash Your Maximum Potential
"I was one of the 10..."
"I was one of the 10 who got into Joe's private event. Within one week after, I landed a copywriting job. Since then, I am getting paid more for the work I do, and also more quickly. I'm finding unexpected bonuses from the hypnotic persuasion skills we learned in Joe's class."
Michelle Copeland
"His new perspective is pure genius."
"Joe Vitale weaves a lively, insightful and powerful series of principles that will guide you into writing copy that hypnotically draws your customers to exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service."
Joseph Sugarman -- BluBlocker Corporation
"Helped me create a windfall profit in just ONE week!"
"Wow! Joe, you've turned my copy into a lean, mean money machine in just 10 minutes. The simple ten-minute tweak to the headline and sub-headline that you gave for the copy I wrote for my 'Build And Profit From Your List' home study system, helped me create a windfall profit in just ONE week! What I learned at your 'Hypnotic Writing Weekend' was definitely worth at least 10X the $5,000 you charged."
Joel Christopher -- MasterListBuilder.com
"...it's some of the best work I've ever done."
"My intention for the weekend was to write a new landing page for a Google campaign, and I wasn't getting anything I was remotely happy with... Then I picked up the manual and spent Saturday evening reading.
As I read the ideas flowed. By the time I finished, I had the first draft done. Rereading it just now, it's some of the best work I've ever done. And I know that applying Joe's methods and checklists will make this one of the best tools I will use."
John McCabe -- MyFlickBiz.com
" I was blown away by the depth of his knowledge."
"I've gotta say I have been utterly clueless when it comes to writing sales copy. I've done it (everyone in business has to), but up until now it has always been hit and miss. Write some words, throw 'em at the wall, and see if they stick. The Hypnotic Copywriting weekend changed all that for me.
Joe gave me a step-by-step "how to and why" guide to creating powerful sales copy. I was blown away by the depth of his knowledge and manner in which he weaves together words that invite the client to come in, get excited and BUY!"
Jillian Coleman Wheeler -- GrantMeRich.com
"With this I can raise my marketing coaching rates."
"I thought that this would be just another marketing program. Was I ever wrong. I've made it to page 66 and already want to stop and use this for 3 different sites that I've created, merely to correct major flaws. With this I can raise my marketing coaching rates."
PM Dekker -- bytebutler.com
"I've increased average page views per visitor by five pages!"
"I used a few Hypnotic Selling Secrets to rewrite in one day one email offer for one of my audio books that increased the sales by over 100%. And by making just two small changes on my website, I've increased average page views per visitor by five pages! This is amazing."
Dave Lakhani -- BoldApproach.com
"It works Joe, you are one of kind..."
"On my return from your information packed weekend, I put out my first hypnotic written email blast. My results doubled in attendance at my next two events and we sold more than we ever had at any previous event. It works Joe, you are one of kind and so is your hypnotic writing training."
Carol Tuttle -- Energy Therapist,  Author, Speaker caroltuttle.com
"I just can't believe it myself...."
"The Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course manual is forcing me (in a nice way) to revalue my earlier writings. My first results (on a Dutch language site) are staggering. I just can't believe it myself.  The number of reactions on the first site I rewrote literally more than doubled overnight! Don't call me in the next few days, I'm busy rewriting."
Tom Lassing -- beursbox.nl
" If I could read only one book on marketing and copywriting, this would be it."
"I read a lot of books on marketing and copywriting. Although most are good, the Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course is awesome. Between the powerful insights into the mindset of buyers and the hands on lessons for the reader, this is the first book in a long time that has me actually participating in the exercises. If I could read only one book on marketing and copywriting, this would be it."
John Colanzi -- thesimplesystem.net
"...it makes people want to know more about what you're saying."
"The explanation of hypnotic writing as being a way of entering someone's self-centered state of mind and getting them to relax and agree with you is so true.
The best part that I've found (so far) is tip #10 on ways to make your headlines not be boring. By using either of these two words, it makes people want to know more about what you're saying. The section on psychological copy connectors also gave me lots of good ideas of ways to compel people to action."
Carol Steele -- webcareconnection.com
"...Hypnotic Selling Secrets manual made me think more about the customer."
"I am in the middle of developing a new niche product. Reading the Hypnotic Selling Secrets manual made me think more about the customer in terms of the product's feature sets and how those would be explained more then is currently being done.
I am applying the principles of the book to every feature of the updated product BOTH from a product development standpoint as well as a SALES standpoint."
Karl Timmermans -- contactgenie.com
"...I doubled my response rate for a free download."
"I changed one line on my site using one idea from Hypnotic Selling Secrets. (Specifically for me - #14 on page 123.) And I doubled my response rate for a free download.  Now this is just one small tip on one small site, for one small free download. Imagine what will happen when I put more Hypnotic Selling Secrets into practice!"
Laura Childs -- goodbyecitylife.com
"...it is the key to unlock my true profit potential in online business."
"I have taken an extreme interest in copywriting lately, as I've come to realize that it is the key to unlock my true profit potential in online business. So when I downloaded this manual, I had half an idea what to expect on the inside... but I honestly wasn't prepared for my reaction to it.

The first five pages alone had my senses surging and practically grabbed me and pulled me right in. Before I knew it, it was 2am and I was halfway through the manual... and that's when it hit me. Joe was not only teaching me Hypnotic Writing step-by-step, he was making me feel the results of it!

Can you even begin to imagine the potential you'd have if you could engage your customers in such a way?! I did begin to imagine it - and I wrote down what I envisioned. I can see doubling or even tripling my income in a matter of a few short weeks with the information I have learned from this Manual!

I feel I've learned almost as much by watching his style and monitoring my own reactions to it, as I have from the actual information that he shares. It's a priceless experience."
Lynn Terry -- SelfStartersWeeklyTips.com
"...It felt good and honest."
"Joe, this weekend I poured through Hypnotic Selling Secrets. And in a free-wheeling style I started changing my copy, every time I was moved to action - starting with my opening.
It felt good and honest - "intimacy", "personality", "trusted friend", "finding your creative voice" - this is just the first few pages. This information is opening my eyes and I know I can now write good copy." 
Joseph Sgro -- tutorhelp.com.au
"All I can say is 'WOW'!"
"All I can say is 'WOW'! This new course not only explains what Dr Vitale means by Hypnotic Writing, he makes it come alive in your mind as you read it.
I can already picture an invisible hypnotist who stands over the shoulders of all my visitors, guiding them into that state of mind where they can't help but buy. I knew I had a lot to learn about copywriting but I didn't realize how badly I'd missed the mark. Thanks you, Joe, for showing me the light!"
Steve Humphrey -- merrymonk.com
"I thought I knew something about writing copy until I came across Hypnotic Selling Secrets."
"I thought I knew something about writing copy until I came across Hypnotic Selling Secrets. I've totally misunderstood Joe Vitale. 

Thanks to you I have I've taken to heart: 1) The interactive example given. I gave it a try, and while I'm no great copywriter (yet), I was immediately able to see in my writing style how I fall short implementing my personality into the copy. This hits home! 2) Appealing to the reader's ego. I've never heard it put this way before. 3) The contrast between Love and Pain. Thank You for this terrific resource."
Doug Philp -- dougphilp.com
" ...so amazed by the content I immediately had to read it all over again."
"I devoured your book front to back and was so amazed by the content I immediately had to read it all over again. I got right to work writing new engaging copy for my site using the Vitale Formula and your closely guarded checklists. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized what you'd done!

You'd tranced me so effectively with your words I had no idea my perceptions on much more than sales copy was changing! I love it! The Hypnotic Selling Secrets - both mind-full and soul-full."
Laura Childs -- stampedesecret.com
" Dr Vitale's 'Hypnotic Selling Secrets' is awesome."
"Dr Vitale's 'Hypnotic Selling Secrets' is awesome. His 'intimacy secret' tactic for writing pure hypnotic copy truly shines. You can bet I'll be applying this simple but hyper-effective strategy in all my copy for a profit explosion!"
Ewen Chia -- EwenChia.com
" Joe has unearthed the formula, and I can promise you -- follow his instructions, and it will work."
"As I was reviewing Joe Vitale's masterwork, I realized something that should have been obvious to me before but never was... namely, that the most persuasive copy comes from your unconscious mind, sending a persuasive message to your prospect's unconscious mind.

See, it is obvious once you read the words, but did you realize that fact before yourself? And, more important, do you know how to do write copy that way? The reason I bring all this up is that until now, I have not seen anyone or anything that could show you how to create this particular kind of copy.

Joe has unearthed the formula, and I can promise you -- follow his instructions, and it will work. Get your hands on it. Riches, yes riches, await you when you do."
David Garfinkel - world-copywriting-institute.com
This is your defining moment.
This product is digital. The image above is for visualization only.
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P.S. There are only 5 reasons not to get Hypnotic Selling Secrets package today:

1. No money.

If you're broke, it should be obvious that you are doing something wrong. I don't mean that as judgmental. I've been broke, too. But I had to face the reality that *I* was creating my state of wealth, or lack of it. People --- average people -- are finding the keys to wealth online, and off. I suggest you find a way to get $397 so you can learn how to make the kind of living you say you want. Don't you deserve it? Isn't it time?

2. No time.

I'm with you here. But you know, I make time to listen to Audios, watch Videos, read manuals and books, and keep investing in myself. I attribute my success to my on-going self-education. You can listen to Audios while walking, working, driving, relaxing, working-out. You can schedule time to watch Videos. And my program comes with a Quick-Start Guide to get you rocking as soon as you rip open the package. Time is a choice, not a limitation. Who's in charge of your life, anyway?

3. No need.

If your website or business is making all the money you want, then either you've set your sites too low or you're lying. The bar can always be lifted. I believe in doing what others think is impossible. Even if you think your current income is fine, if you learned how to earn more, you would be able to help more people in the world.
A secret to success is to do things for more than yourself. You may not need something, but those around you might. Don't you think others can benefit from your success?

4. No interest.

If you've read this letter to this point, then you're clearly interested in knowing how to improve yourself and your business. Some people say they aren't interested as a way to cover-up a deeper excuse, often to hide the fact that they don't have the money. 

Well, see #1 above. If you're really not interested, why are you reading this?

5. No way.

This excuse covers everything from "I resist sales pitches" to "I already have stuff by Joe Vitale" to "I already know all that." Yea, right. They're all excuses. They are coming from people not wanting to succeed, and blaming others when they don't succeed.
You don't have Hypnotic Selling Secrets as it's never been released before. You don't know all that is in the 30 CDs and DVDs worth of courseware, and three manuals, because even *I* don't know all that is in it. I need to refer to this material to keep myself sharp. Do you really know it all?

What's left?

Unless you're independently wealthy and have all the sales you want, you simply need to take action right now and grab this package -- today.
There is absolutely no risk for you to try out these hypnotic secrets and see the results for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied, take us up on our "no questions asked" 60 day money-back guarantee.

And if after putting to use the information in this course and it does not at least earn you triple what you pay for it, not only will I refund your money...

So get your copy of Hypnotic Selling Secrets today before the price goes up again - The suggested pricing of $997, then $1197, then $1997...
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Remember, when there's a will, there's a way.
I am going to take ALL the risk, so you don't have to. If at any time within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the "New Awakening" in ANY way, I'll force you to take your money back. I am so confident in this program that I back you with my personal unconditional "Iron Clad" no questions asked money back guarantee. 

All we ask is that you go through the training and put the principals into practice!
Who is Dr. Joe Vitale?
Dr. Joe Vitale is a world renowned Personal Development expert and star of the blockbuster hit movie on the Law of Attraction, The Secret. Author over over 75 books on a wide range of development topics, he's helped thousands at his live events and millions through the internet, his books and educational programs. Dr. Vitale has developed The New Awakening with love and all of the skills and knowledge he's gained in over 35 years of helping people create the lives they desire and deserve.

Frequently asked questions
Is it really possible to reprogram your brain in this way?
Yes, think about it like this... Do you believe that going to the gym and workout will help you physically? Of course you do. You can take a conscious effort to change something you can't see...your heart for example. Working on your mindset is no different. Your mind can be changed just like your body...yes, it works!
Will this really help me with my specific problems?
Yes, in over 35 years of helping people create the lives of their dreams, Dr. Vitale has distilled what works to get people from breakdown to breakthrough. He knows that when you fix the core issues, all of the symptoms seem to just disappear. It's like universe mopping up for you. It even clears up issues you're not aware of.
I don't want to be a victim any more... Can I really break through from Victimhood?
Yes, We are all victims in the sense that we are all affected by the programming we are exposed to through family, friends, co-workers, school mates, and society in general. The New Awakening gives you tools and actionable processes to help create an exit ramp to get you out of victimhood and firewall to protect you.
Can I REALLY have my NEW awakening? 
Yes, As Dr. Joe says in The New Awakening, your Awakening is a gift from the Divine. It comes in stages. Dr. Joe guides you through these stages in preparation for you to receive your gift of awakening. He clears away all that is in the way of you allowing this gift from the Divine to be bestowed upon you.
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